AD (After delivery) of Nell into the world I realised that if I was ever going to motivate myself to get dressed, leave the house and face the world like a fully functioning adult again I was going to need something that involved interaction with other adults. Preferably adults as sleep deprived and incapable of stringing a sentence together as me.

I didn’t think my childless friends were going to appreciate that all of my topics of conversation either involved discussions about the colour/regularity of baby poo, milk leakage and the mythical concept of babies sleeping through.

So after an initial period (of which I remember little, but I believe it involved PJs, constant breast feeding and ice cream) I ventured forth to see what entertainments for little ones were on offer in Colchester.

I’m hoping to review classes/groups/clubs and activities I’ve been to; suggest upcoming events that might be fun and write down some general stuff I’ve found useful.

Please contact me with any suggestions of places to go, fun things to do etc.

H xx

PLEASE NOTE :- All grammatical and punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, malapropisms and mixed metaphors can and will be blamed on baby brain. 🙂


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